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Tom DeSabla: Cool The Economy and Destroy The Democrats

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After too long an absence, The Two Mikes welcomed Tom DeSabla back to the podcast to provide his always useful Libertarian-based views on US economic and political affairs.

Mr. DeSabla brought with him an audio-recording of the that famous Russian group of pranksters pranking Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell. In some way, the callers got hold of Powell’s personal phone number and he answered the call.

The prankster-caller identified himself as “President Zelensky” and said he wanted to discuss Ukraine’s urgent needs with him. As you will here, Powell immediately became his sycophant, saying “It’s great honor to talk to you” and saluting his country's achievements in fighting the Russians. Powell’s slobbering over Zelensky made it sound like he was ready to apply for a job in Kiev.

Mr. DeSabla also talked a bit about the insanity of the Biden administration’s domestic economic policies. An undergraduate, he noted, would know that the way to stop inflation is to cut spending and raise interest rates – it’s a tough process to experience but is the only answer to our rampant inflation.

The two overarching, indeed dire needs of Americans and their frazzled republic at this moment is to cool the economy and destroy the Democrats.

Note from the Editor: Food and gas prices have nearly doubled during the Biden presidency. If things continue getting worse, as is expected, one of the most important things you can do is look into buying gold. I recommend Our Gold Guy, who is an America First patriot and has some of the best rates in the industry. Reach out for a complimentary consultation and let him know that Jeff Dornik sent you.


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